The Problem

Despite technological advancements in oral healthcare over the last few decades, poor oral health still presents the most serious personal health issue of our generation. According to the World Health Organization, more than 90% of adults suffer from some form of oral disease during their lifetime. Persistent problems in the oral cavity have negative consequences on both our physical and psychological well-being. Dental caries for example result in pain when biting or chewing food, while enamel discoloration can tarnish a smile and result in the loss of self-confidence. While extremely necessary for our personal wellbeing, treatment of common oral diseases is expensive, time-consuming, and often painful, and therefore prevention and early detection of such oral diseases is extremely important.


What We Do

Our vision at VioSense is to create a portable, affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use dental screening device that provides early detection of common oral diseases from the privacy and comfort of your home. By using our screening device routinely, you will be able to monitor the state of your oral health on a regular basis. This will ensure that symptoms of common oral diseases are detected as soon as they appear, and remedial actions can be taken before any serious complications have developed.


The Team


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